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Shenzhen Hylead Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company integrating R & D, production and sales. Among them, the mass-produced products of its own brand include 2m \ 4m \ 16m \ 16m \ 32m \ 64M \ 128M SPI flash. The agents of domestic excellent brands include Giga device, Boya, Puya, zbite, runjet, pinteng, tamul power, etc. the products include MCU, flash, encryption chip, boost IC, automobile damper drive IC Touch IC, pressure sensing IC, LDO, MOSFET, MCU + touch two in one I

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Service Support

  • Install Stainess Steel Skid
  • Change Battery of PT Box
  • WIFI APP software
  • Change the Soft Cable Connector
  • Charge the 3188 Series Battery
  • Video demo for pipe inspection camera system
  • Keyboard function for Different Model
  • Connect Small Camera to Big Cable Reel
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